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How to use Google Smart Shopping

So, you want the best marketing campaigns for your store? This article is more than how to create campaigns – it’s how not to.  That’s

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7 ways to speed up a Magento site

1. Get the latest version of Magento Even if you read no further than this first tip, this is the most crucial for improving your

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How to keep customers loyal

In a world full of adverts, offers, and incentives, it’s hard to cut through the noise. But there is a better way to get attention.

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How to make returns work for you

Returns can be your biggest nightmare as an online trader. And, the statistics aren’t looking too promising with Statista predicting a returns loss of $550

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5 ways to speed up your eCommerce site

Slow sites kill conversions and escalate your bounce rate. There are some pretty drastic figures surrounding this. A one-second delay can result in a 16%