5 big brands using Magento 2

Coca-Cola, Samsung, Burger King, Barbour, IKEA – you’re so au fait with their marketing that it’s part of your every day. But have you ever stopped to consider what software they’re using? It’s not reserved for the big lights and stars; it’s the same as me or you. For companies like these, it’s Magento 2.  

Magento 2 allows them to build content-rich sites, that respond to global demands fast, and on mobile. 

So, here are five ways an upgrade to Magento 2 can help you to design a better site, direct better actions, and harness the methods that the big eCommerce players are rolling out.  

Room to breathe 

Keep it clean. Don’t overload your customers. It’s easy to cram a website with ‘busy’ components, and this can result in a design that’s cluttered and overwhelming. That’s especially true on mobile, which is a naturally a more compressed version of how your site appears on desktop or tablet. Think about what happens when you land on a website packed to the gunwales with information, offers, messages, and banners, it’s difficult to know where to look, or what you are looking for. The trick is to use a design with plenty of negative space. Some call this ‘white space’ but it doesn’t have to be white. Keep it true to your brand, but keep it clean. Remember that internet browsers ‘scan’ content. So, not only is negative space gentle on the eye, it helps viewers find and absorb the right information.    

Big brand: IKEA uses plenty of white space to let products speak for themselves. 

Take action 

The right call-to-action buttons can make or break your conversion rates. Small, simple and highly effective. Paperchase is another global brand, successfully using Magento 2 to direct customers to their products. They have very clear, easy to navigate call-to-action buttons. ‘Shop filing and storage now’ use directional terms (they know they’re going to filing and storage) with a sense of actionable urgency (shop now). Marketing messaging hasn’t fallen by the wayside, but it’s clear where the customer has to click and where that button will take them. 

Big brand: Paperchase uses effective CTA buttons that are a delicate balance of simplicity and clarity.

Clear USPs 

Bulk Powders is a big brand that has recently made the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and it has made the most of everything the Magento upgrade offers to create a truly effective eCommerce site. Mobile optimized, short but engaging video content on the homepage; those all-important, clear-as-day CTA buttons… the list goes on. One of the things that helps their site performance is stand-out USPs. Situated well before the fold, customers know in an instant that Bulk Powders offer great value, free delivery, they are trusted, and you can order before 9pm for next day delivery. Even if you have more than three to five USPs, hone down the ones you want customers to know immediately.

Big brand: Bulk Powders use with snappy USPs with easy to understand icons.

Straight lines 

A grid layout is not only easy to optimize for mobile (those straight lines rearrange themselves pretty neatly), it also takes into account the previous points. Grids make it simple to include white space, straight-forward call-to-action buttons and help present your USPs clearly. Take a look SWATCH. Their grid system is so simple, that it makes browsing and buying a dream. Far from hindering their creativity, they’ve used the block feature to cleverly highlight as you hover over it. Simple animation; actionable and attention-grabbing they have nailed the ‘straight line’ approach. Magento 2 is packed full of grid-layout and mobile-friendly themes. 

Big brand: SWATCH has embraced the grid system for user- and device-friendly straight lines. 

Scrolling with impact  

It’s old news that mobile browsing is the new way to shop. So, now the question is how to make your store stand apart on a mobile device. Mobile users are notoriously impatient (so they require faster download speeds) and they prefer to scroll than tap. If you’ve been toying with the idea of parallax scrolling for high impact (after all look at the like of Diesel BAD), then Magento 2 could be your answer to improved customer experience, as it enables efficient parallax scrolling.

Parallax scrolling with a Magento upgrade is going to solve two problems that many eCommerce stores face: download speed and scrolling on mobile. By enabling a scroll capacity over an impactful background, you have the option to make your site looking pretty impressive without losing customers to slow download speeds. You can even utilize parallax scrolling for the first part of your store, or your landing page, before moving to something more static. 

Big brands: Perfume brands like GUCCI and Diesel are using parallax and scroll-triggered animation to sell beautiful stories. 

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