Ready to take your store global? You need a Magento upgrade

Business is booming. But no matter how well your sales are doing, if your software is slow, it’ll inevitably slow your growth. We know what it’s like, when you’re growing, you’re busy – and that leaves less time to get back to the underlying structure of your store, or consider something like a Magento upgrade.

But taking the time now, could save you hassle in the future and, more importantly, help your business to grow faster, safely. If you’re ready to go global, you’re ready for Magento 2.

Ready to scale up?

Growing your business, especially in a global market, requires the right tech. Magento is a great platform for eCommerce. But if you’re still in Magento 1, now is a good time to upgrade to Magento 2 and see some real ROI. It’ll help optimize your web pages, increase your server response times, and improve efficiency. Magento 2 is proven to process more orders per hour than M1, and with the capacity to have multiple users editing and creating products without the risk of data conflict, you soon see where your store could go. In short, Magento 2 going to help make your business faster, more flexible and easier to scale.

Email marketing in an instant

Going global means embracing automation. If you’re spending a lot of time marketing and writing and responding to emails then a Magento upgrade is going to make a huge difference almost immediately. Magento 2.2 allows you to create automated marketing campaigns faster than you can type ‘Kind Regards’. Using an integration called dotmailer, you’ll be able to automate time-consuming transactional emails. That leaves you time to hone a marketing strategy (Magento can help you automate this too) to target a wider and wider audience. Streamlining communications has so many benefits, from keeping your brand personality consistent to providing immediate response for customer engagement, all of which become increasingly more difficult to handle if you are taking a manual approach.  

More buyers, fewer browsers

More eyes on your site means more potential conversions, and payment processes are easier for the user in Magento 2. Magento 1 supports a six-step process. This leaves you vulnerable to six points at which your customer can ‘drop-off’ or abandon their cart. With Magento 2, it’s narrowed to a two-step process. Buyers only have to worry about the payment details and shipping, and can use your site as a guest. There’s also an option for ‘Instant Payment’. Designed specifically to encourage mobile impulse purchases, your customers can buy and pay immediately. The faster they can make a payment, the more likely they are to convert and come back for more.

Mobile and more

Mobile optimization is more crucial than ever for survival in the eCommerce world. But, it should go beyond web and mobile. Responsive websites that work across a multitude of devices are what customers expect, and are how you can convert a browser to a buyer. (Discover how omnichannel marketing could power-up your business). Magento 2 has a variety of responsive themes to help set up your store for the many ways it will be viewed and used. Not only that, Magento have made it responsive for you – the store owner. A touchscreen optimized admin panel means you can make changes and updates on-the-go.

Stay security savvy

Magento 2 has been designed to be adaptive. It’s going to grow as you grow, and so it’s much easier to update. Updates are becoming more crucial for site security. As technology picks up the pace, there’s more room for bugs and glitches, and security breaches. Staying safe means staying updated, and Magento 2 is far, far easier to update than its predecessor. So, you continuously have access to improved store performance, better experiences for your customers and a safety-first approach to online business.

Take the next step towards a successful global store. A Magento upgrade is closer and easier than you think. Contact Orange Collar to speak to someone about efficiently upgrading, today.

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