The reasons why you’re losing customers

Have you noticed a decline in customers? Perhaps your revenue is flatlining, or you’re struggling to grow. It’s not unusual in the world of eCommerce, and it happens to every business at some point in its lifespan (often at multiple points). Ultimately, if you’ve noticed a decline, the future of your eCommerce store is now determined by your response. And, it could be as simple as a Magento upgrade to help stop you from losing customers.  

After all, you could waste hundreds of dollars on a marketing campaign that’s leading customers to an underperforming site.

Before you head into campaign tactics and call up the marketing moguls, check out some of these common reasons you may be losing customers and sales. Take half an hour to go through your site as a user would and see if you can spot any of these sticking points. A quick glance at your data will also provide some insight.

For many, a Magento V2.3 upgrade could be the simple answer you’re looking for, and one that will improve your ROI faster than scattered marketing.

Customers are put off by a slow load time

By ‘slow’ we mean anything over 2 seconds. A recent study by Akamai found that a 2-second delay increased page bounce rate by 100%. That’s a lot of customers your losing before they even get to your page. If you’re running Magento 1 at the moment, chances are it’s loading at a standard 2-3 seconds. But that extra second could make all the difference.

Magento 2 – put simply – is faster. Your customers will see your page in under 1.5 seconds (and that’s even without frontend caching).

If you’re having performance issues and this is hindering your growth, or even day-to-day use of your site (that goes for you, your team, and your customers), then a Magento upgrade should be high on the priority list.

Your site is not being viewed as it should

Mobile optimization is rule number one for any site in today’s online world.

People are increasingly browsing and buying on mobile. There’s no getting away from it. A mobile optimized website is going to better support positive user experience, enhance the customer journey, and help them get to the checkout faster.

Not to mention you’ll be easier to find. How search engines ‘view’ you is as important as what your customers see. It’s no secret that Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher in their search results. You want to be competing in your market and there’s a chance that without the right software, your store could simply not be visible to the audience you’re trying to attract.

Magento 2.3 has responsive designs that make your site easy to view and navigate on any device. Plus it can be utilized with Elasticsearch. If you know nothing about Elasticsearch, all you need to know is that it helps customers find your store. By using fast and flexible data retrieval, it’s becoming a pretty vital tool for staying competitive.

Customers abandon frustrating carts

Imagine going to the supermarket, and every time you put something in your shopping trolley, you had to scoop up everything and move it to a new trolley. That would get frustrating. If you were in a hurry, you’d probably just leave. For customers buying multiple items running on Magento 1, it can be like this.  

With Magento 1 every time a customer adds a new product to their cart, the whole page reloads. This can be frustrating – and frustration leads to failed purchases and empty carts. If you’re seeing cart drop offs in your data, it may be that this reloading time is having a direct impact on your business. That’s something that is easily solved with a Magento upgrade. Ajax add-to-cart stops this from happening. No more reloading after every purchase.

You have multiple checkout barriers

Going through the checkout process can present numerous barriers. The more steps to a purchase process, the more opportunity there is for indecision, procrastination, apathy and even fear. A fast checkout experience is important for many reasons. If you’re utilizing social to drive traffic then many of your leads may be impulse buyers – and these buyers’ needs to be met with a site that reacts at pulse-quickening speed.

For some, it’s the unnerving process of typing in a lot of details and credit card numbers that leads to stalling and ultimately an abandoned cart. A Magento upgrade to 2.3 brings with it an easy two-step checkout process that’s fast and secure.

You’re frazzled and overworked

The team behind Magento are dedicated to making your business run more effectively and efficiently. As the latest version, Magento 2.3 can improve things for you from the very start. Straightaway, you’ll discover an easier-to-navigate dashboard and improved admin navigation.  

It might seem simple. But sometimes the answer is staring you in the face.

Take the stress out of upgrading your site, and put it in the capable hands of Magento-trained experts. The team at Orange Collar live and breathe Magento.

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