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5 big brands using Magento 2

Coca-Cola, Samsung, Burger King, Barbour, IKEA – you’re so au fait with their marketing that it’s part of your every day. But have you ever

Guy sitting at computer thinking about how to get more customers for his online store

Top 5 five ways to a more visible store

Feeling a little overshadowed and underwhelmed. Feeling like others are hogging the eCommerce limelight. Here are the top five ways to a more visible online

Woman working on her website to improve the checkout process

Challenge your checkout process

Payment is the bread-and-butter of your eCommerce business. However creative, beautiful, practical or innovative your product (or products), it has to be able to pay

Computer with Cyber Security Lock for Magento websites

Stay cyber safe with a Magento upgrade

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more crucial and more and more complex. If you haven’t considered a Magento upgrade, it’s worth taking a look at