What Are the Advantages of Magento Support Services?

Magento’s powerful yet complex open source ecommerce management system is used by 26% of the world’s one million most popular websites. But websites are not immune to code-related, performance and downtime issues, which is why businesses engage 24/7 Magento support services to tide over problems smoothly with minimal or no downtime.

What problems does a Magento support service handle?


95% of large enterprises say that even an hour of downtime can cost them US$100,000. The consequences of downtime can be felt across all business touchpoints. With 24/7 support, you can reduce downtime to a couple of minutes, and prevent catastrophic consequences altogether.

Code issues

Magento support teams monitor your website’s health to keep it in good shape. Using site-auditing software, personnel monitor site performance, address any underlying code issues and take the necessary steps to minimize the risk of any future incidents. This proactive support goes a long way in preserving the performance and security of your website.

Small or big issues that you may face from time to time

On-demand access to a help desk is a part of literally all Magento support services. Whenever you face a problem, you can raise a support ticket or contact the service via email. Real-time or quick responses allow you to resume work and extract maximum business benefits from your website.

24/7 Magento support services also provide daily reports and instant notifications on serious issues with your site. This helps you take strategic decisions in a timely manner and also helps you take better calls in the future.

What benefits do you stand to gain?

  1. Let experts take care of maintenance while you focus on your core business: With a team of Magento experts handling routine back-end tasks, you don’t have to waste time on solving technical challenges.
  2. Optimize IT staff budget: A Magento support service reduces the need for many in-house resources. The service can act as an extension of your in-house IT department, and help you save on labor costs.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind that your site is in good hands: If you’re one among the busy ecommerce retailers without the time or resources to monitor your site’s availability, performance, synthetic transactions, and global URLs all-day, a Magento support service is invaluable. You can go about your daily business knowing that there are professionals taking care of your site.
  4. Give site performance a boost: Magento support services will monitor your site’s performance 24x7x365. It’s a lot more than what you can achieve on your own as a solo entrepreneur or one with a limited staff.
  5. Plan for increased traffic: A support service offers load testing services wherein a traffic rush is stimulated to your site to gauge its performance. By preparing your site for the busy holiday season, you will be averting potential issues well in advance.
  6. Disaster recovery may be built into your support plan: Magento support services may perform site backups automatically. In the event of a man-made or natural disaster, you don’t have to worry about a loss of data. This assurance can also assist with business continuity and prevent your customers from getting affected in a major way.
  7. Maintain a high level of site security: Your Magento support service may include security provisions that help identify vulnerabilities and have a mechanism in place to restore your site to normalcy in the event of a security scare.

Bottom line

A 24/7 Magento support service ensures that your website is up and running in peak condition. The technical maintenance can provide you cost savings in the long run and you don’t have to contend with a bad case of nerves every time your website encounters a problem.

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