I need a Magento site FAST

That is a phrase we hear all to often at Orange Collar Media. While it’s never a good idea to rush through a site build, we have found a solution that allows us to cut corners where we can. Orange Collar Media has built a custom storefront on Magento Community 1.9. We have […]

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How much will it cost for a new Magento website?

How Much Does A Magento Website Cost?

Great question! Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms on the market because its open API and flexible framework allows for customization on the front end look and feel as well as on the backend with integrations. Because it’s such a customizable platform most eCommerce agencies like us have to […]

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Merchant Boot Camp: All You Need to Know to Get Through a Site Build!

Are you scared of the work it will take you to create a new Magento site? Don’t be! A lot of this fear often comes from the unknowns, including the amount of work and time it will require from you, as a company. But don’t fret. While every site is different, here is an overall look at […]

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10 things that will help you stay on budget during your site build.

Surprises are fun, but not when they mean extra costs during your site build.  Here are 10 things to understand before signing a contract with a Magento solution integrator. These 10 things will save you time and money!
  1. Do not work with a company that offshores your work. This may at first seem like a good idea due to […]
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Magento Imagine Survival Checklist

As soon as you walk through the doors of the HardRock you will be pulled in a million directions. Its important to stay focused and know what events to go to.


1. #Pre-Imagine 2014 – WebShop Apps knows how to throw a fun party. Orange Collar Media will be there to help everyone get in the mood for Imagine!

2. Magento Run- […]

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Join us for a Google Partner Event!

We’re hosting an exclusive Google event on May 21st, and you’re invited. Orange Collar Media’s PPC team is throwing a Google Partner event May 21st at 11am at the Orange Collar Media office in Denver Colorado. This will be a great opportunity to discover how to use PPC advertising to grow your business, attract more customers and make more sales. We […]
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Why We Love Magento (And You Should, Too!)

There are a lot of eCommerce platforms out there. Many times customers will ask us to bid out other carts, but we are monogamous with Magento. Today we are going to tell you why Magento is the best eCommerce solution.  Magento is by far the best of breed open source eCommerce platform on the market. Not only does the platform […]
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How to announce a new site launch

You launched your site. Now what? Orange Collar Media brings you how to announce a new site launch.

Many of our clients ask us the best way to introduce their new site to their customers, so we gathered some of the tactics that have worked best for them. The launch of a new site is a great time to reconnect […]

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Creating Custom Products

More and more these days we have clients calling us wanting the ability for customers to make custom t-shirts, cards, art, socks, and jewelry. Custom products are where its at these days. Magento is a great platform for creating custom products. There are a few different options when looking into custom product builders. First, there is Adobe Scene 7. […]
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Orange Collar Media’s Secret Weapons

As part of an open source family we wanted to share some of our favorite open source online tools for developers, designers and merchants. No matter what stage you are in when developing or running your Magento site, you are always looking to enhance your brand’s look and feel. Here are some of our favorite sites that we use […]
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