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Features of Enhanced Magento 2

Magento 2, released in 2016, has come a long way since then. It’s high time in 2017 to consider taking a leap to Magento 2. Isn’t it? This has been unanimously proclaimed as the most popular eCommerce platform for the millennial generation. Its flexibility and scalability are the major pillars offering endless innovative possibilities to the end users.

  • Fast 2 Step Checkout Processes​
  • Major Security Improvements​
  • Up To 50% Faster Page Load Speed
  • More Mobile Friendly
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Flexible Architecture​

Using modern tools and technologies, Magento 2 is more flexible, open and more compatible with different other platforms.

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Improved Performance​

It is much faster than its earlier version as well. It is much more scalable and it can handle thousands of page views and orders per hour.

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User-friendly Checkout

Its checkout process has been streamlined and admin users can easily create and edit the products without any data conflict.

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More Mobile friendly​

It is more responsive and mobile friendly for the end users than the earlier version of the Magento helping them stay connected with their favorite brands.

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Better Business Agility

Having a standalone database makes the order management and checkout process of Magento 2 simpler and faster.

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Engaging Experience​

This version of Magento is dedicated to offering more engaging and personalized customer experience across every device.

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Automated Testing​

Due to HTTP accelerator technology, the server loading time has drastically reduced and the website loads much faster.

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Easy Installation​

The installation process is also easy and faster due to the inbuilt composer implementation in the Magento 2.

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Product Video Integration​

Merchants can now integrate multiple products videos also quite easily with loads of customization features making the store more optimized.

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