Magento V2.3 can seriously power-up your eCommerce growth

More than just the latest version, Magento V2.3 has some powerful updates that could streamline your eCommerce site and increase your business potential.

With an eye on the future, V2.3 focuses on large-scale demand with faster, more streamlined processes. Importantly too, as our technology becomes more advanced, security moves higher up the list of priorities. The team at Magento get that, having released a bevy of security updates to help lock down your store security systems and prevent fake logins.

One of the main changes is the drag-and-drop ability that replaces a more lengthy page creation. Now it’s far quicker and simpler to customize. In fact, this latest release of Magento has made it faster for everyday tasks, so you’ll immediately feel the benefit, even if you don’t fancy utilizing the new stuff – though we highly suggest you do.

Magento loves an acronym, so let’s go through your PWAs, your MSIs, your APIs, and your QLs because behind these letters are powerful tools that could revolutionize your eCommerce store.

PWA Studio

The world is mobile. Smartphones are with us every step of our lives. With up to 70% of web traffic happening on mobile and users spending more than five hours a day on their phones, your site needs to be more than just mobile optimized. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are the future. Fundamentally they enable your store to be mobile friendly and easy to use. The PWA Studio enables you do this within Magento. You can create something altogether more app-like and the studio is open source, so it will be updated regularly outside of Magento releases.


Make use of multi-source inventory (MSI). If you have multiple geographical locations, M2.3 is going to improve your operational efficiency. You’ll now be able to assign products to each source, such as your warehouse, a store, distribution center or shipper. Track each one easily and streamline your operations. The MSI capabilities mean you can easily manage and track your inventory – even integrate it with your third-party inventory systems. Orders are all completed in real time and it’s all easily managed in Magento admin. We say, it’s not limited to those with multiple locations, even a single store can make use of MSI to nail an efficient system.   


If you struggle with a slow network then you’ll love GraphQL. In this version, it’s been updated to specifically be easier for those will high load times on slower networks. GraphQL is a style which initially gained traction from a Facebook open source. It’s purpose, ultimately, is to reduce network transfer – something that is ever-important for mobile devices. The more your customers use mobile, the more you’ll benefit from GraphQL. It’s also adaptive, meaning it’s helpful for future-proofing and site evolution. New fields can be added without breaking anything, and old fields easily removed.

Bulk web APIs

With Magento 2.3 you can create a shopping app for direct customer use, or even for store staff to use as an in-store conversion tool. Bulk web APIs in Magento give you better control over the timing and visibility of your API calls. Plus, it now been designed for greater scope. While in previous versions there was a lengthy call-and-response situation, Magento’s latest version has tackled the delay. Now, for high volume, there’s no more waiting for previous operations to complete, so your process is faster than ever before, and customers no longer have to wait for a response.

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