Mar 15, 2016

Magento Support & Service

Shane Blanford

Magento Support and Service Overview

An ecommerce platform should be cost effective, self-sufficient, and provide all the tools needed to run and grow a successful online business. Developed in mind of small and large online businesses, Magento grants business owners proven support features that allow them to manage all aspects of their website and brand through a thorough and powerful interface.

For business owners wishing to publish their brand online, it can be difficult to know and manage all of the aspects of hosting a web page. Magento’s service alleviates this problem and allows you to focus squarely on your business, with features that grant you information, allow you manage your profits, and ultimately saves you time that can be devoted to expanding your brand.

Advantages of Magento’s Professional and Community Support Services

Magento provides a user-supported open-source platform that is cost effective, efficient, and time saving. We offer ecommerce websites that cater to many different business models, and provide you effective and tested layouts that are simple to navigate. Flexibility is a priority, and Magento offers businesses countless options for customization. These features ensure that our users are able to tailor their site toward their business needs, with adaptability features that make future development easy and quick.

We strive to see your business grow, and offer many features that guarantee security and expansion. Utilizing sophisticated marketing tools, you will have all of the components necessary to expand your business and optimize your site for discovery. We also provide robust security features for businesses, with secure payment gateways and data backup to ensure that your business remains uncompromised.

A good ecommerce site requires solid support to run on all its cylinders. In mind of this, Magento has large community of devoted enthusiasts that consistently work to improve our open source platform and provide instruction. Outside of the community, our service has countless resources, both private and instructor led, that allow you to learn highly valuable Magento developing skills. With so many options to learn, and a community that strives to expand, finding solutions will never be an issue.

Magento is a great platform for newcomers that lack software, coding, and server running skills. Our platform will ensure that your site is maintained, accessible, and secure, freeing you to focus squarely on your business. Designed for easy use, one of the bigger advantages of using Magento is that it provides its immense features while being highly self-sufficient.

Support-Oriented Solutions Tailored for your Business

Magento is designed to adjust to growth, and offers a variety of scalable platforms that allow for optimal functionality. The first variation of our platform is our enterprise edition. This edition provides users access to dedicated 24 hour support that will help them integrate seamless mobile, tablet, and desktop site functionality. Get help on accessing the thousands of extensions that enhance your site’s integration capabilities. It is suggested for medium to large online businesses, and provides users advanced strategies designed to enable consumer loyalty, and advanced business productivity tools.

Another solution we provide is our community edition, a free to download open source platform that allows developers to explore our service. Support is provided by the community surrounding this platform, and is an accessible and ideal tool for developers and hobbyists. Users are encouraged to take part in this platform’s growing community, and collaborate with enthusiastic developers that contribute code, new extensions, features, tools, and other advancements.

Developer Friendly Support Environment

Due to its large number of contributing developers, Magento utilizes a marketplace to organize all contributed add ons and extensions. This feature comes with the launch of Magento 2, and was designed to improve the standards and environment of the marketplace for community supported enhancements.

Software engineers have much to gain from using our platform and supporting our community. With Magento 2 has come dependency injection and framework interception. These features allow our community developers to speed up their development process by bypassing coding limitations and reducing steps, allowing add on creation and user support to be more efficient.

These improvement features not only mean that users will have access to more quality extensions, add ons, and tools. Our emphasis on developers and community support highlights our commitment to user driven expansion, knowledge, and overall satisfaction and growth.

Google Support and Integration

Detailing some of the tools we use to help you understand your consumers, we utilize powerful third party applications that grant you all the data and features you require to expand your business. Google Base serves to aid you in publishing all your essential information. Review sales and site visitors, and get all the necessary data you need to build your site with Google Analytics. For the simplified processing of transactions, we utilize Google Checkout.

If these proven applications were not enough, our support-oriented community has contributed specialized and improved versions of these Google-powered programs to deliver flexible and more powerful solutions for our users.

Flexible Transaction Support and Customer Interaction

Through our service, your visitors will not be barred from any payment method, regardless of currency. Online payment is made seamless with PayPal Express and Website Payments Pro features available to users. International transactions are also made simple with Magento’s live currency calculations. With support from WebServiceX, your website’s prices will automatically adjust for inflation and foreign currency values.

Options for customer interaction are also available to you through Magento’s social shopping features. Enable share options and incorporate list building strategies that will allow you to inform and interact with your visitors. Grant users a space to provide feedback and reviews, and build consumer loyalty and trust. Other social features include wish list building options for visitors, and page sharing functionality, ultimately allowing your visitors to participate in the growth of your brand.

Magento Overview

Overall, Magento is a service that is rich and powerful. Integrating user and staff support with our ecommerce platform, users have access to themes, widgets, modules, learning tools, and community contributions that foster brand growth, efficiency, and customization. SEO features, mobile and tablet friendly functionality, and other essentials make Magento an all-encompassing service that constantly improves itself, and by extension, your business.