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Shopify Plus is designed to take your eCommerce site to the world.

Shopify Plus is designed to take your eCommerce site to the world

Going global has never been easier. Shopify Plus is designed to launch and support large-scale eCommerce. Reach new sales channels across multiple marketplaces and connect with your customers wherever they are in the world and on whatever device.

Shopify Plus Benefits

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Business Growth

Sellers using Shopify Plus see an average growth of 126%, year-on-year. Shopify Plus enables its users to sell on a large scale, expand globally and try out new markets.

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​Work Smarter

Shopify Flow has automated 1.1 billion workflows collectively over eCommerce since it launched. Watch as automated workflows simplify your manual processes, so you enjoy more time to focus on growing and going global.

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Safe Scalability

Unlimited bandwidth and a capacity to enable 8,000 purchases per minute, Shopify Plus is fully supported and flexible to enable you to scale safely and securely as your site grows.

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Every seller using Shopify Plus gets dedicated support. They provide a success team to help power your business growth with tailored guidance. Plus, you get the chance to explore, test and develop new apps in a safe environment without it affecting your live website.

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24/7 Support

Scale safely and securely as your eCommerce site grows. Shopify Plus has the highest level of site encryption, so your customers know they can trust your site from start to finish. And, you can rest easy with access to 24/7 support.

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With 844,502 live sites on Shopify, stand out in the eCommerce market with complete customization. Every shop theme available on Shopify Plus is responsively designed with the capacity to customize to your heart’s content. Everything from the storefront to the checkout experience can be altered with full Javascript and CSS control.


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No-Code Updates

Development and IT time is precious, so free it up and put it to better use. Manage your products, update them and keep adding to your store without having to add code.

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Fast Store Updates

Find freedom in growth. Shopify Plus lets you spend less time on processes and more time on growing your business. Schedule, automate and customize to streamline a more productive business.

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High Volume

Streamline by scheduling bulk changes. Shopify Plus is geared to large-scale stores and it loves to deal with high volume. Use the Shopify Plus Launchpad to run hefty sales, and to launch events and products without the fuss.

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Apps and Integrations

Shopify Plus is partnered with more than 1,100 app developers, giving you access to quality apps and integrations to further personalize your site and deliver on your customer experience.

Shopify Pay

Buyers on Shopify Plus only need to fill in two fields to complete a purchase. A drastic cut from the 16 fields in Shopify, this will seriously power up conversion rates, especially on mobile.

The move to go global can be daunting, but with the right software and support, the world is your oyster.

A specialist eCommerce development agency can make the transition to Shopify Plus hassle-free and totally secure.

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