14 ways to make a 14-day free Shopify trial count

You can consider it all you like, and read all the blogs you can find, but the best way to make sure this eCommerce platform is for you is to try it out. Lucky for you Shopify lets you do just that. It’s a two-week window, and that counts from the minute you sign up. So, we’ve got a breakdown of the 14 ways you can make your 14-day Shopify trial count.

Day 1: Sign up

It’s time to put your old Magento site to the side and see how Shopify fares against it for store ease, product listing, design, and app integration. The first step towards migrating from Magento to Shopify is to set up your free 14-day Shopify trial.

Click here for you free 14 day trial

Day 2: Add a few products

By adding a few products, either manually or migrating them from your Magento store, you can see how they display. Try adding, updating and organizing to get a feel for what it’s like behind the scenes and how that manifests on your site.  

Day 3: Create collections

The best way to organize your items or products in Shopify is to create ‘collections’. This is effectively grouping together relevant items, so it’s plain sailing for your customers to find and everything is neat and tidy from the get-go.

Day 4: Try automated collections

There are two kinds of collections: automated and manual. Within the automated collections option, Shopify allows you to choose up to 60 selection conditions that determine where your products go. They’ll automatically be pulled into those categories. Manual collections are, well, manual. If you want complete control on a granular level, opt to individually enter products into a category/collection.

Day 5: Add a lot of products

So now that you have some tidy collections, you’re ready for more stuff in your shop. If you’ve set up your automated collections, that will help to organize a large volume of items. If you’re ready to see what’s it like to migrate a bulk amount, you can transfer data using csv. files. Or, if you’d rather get someone else to do it for you, speak to a Magento to Shopify expert.  

Day 6: Set up Shopify Payment

We’re not talking an unexpected fee half-way through your free trial, we mean credit card payments for your shop. Go to Settings in the Admin panel and Payment Providers. Here, you’ll need your Employer Identification Number and your bank information as well as the average cost and shipping time of an item.

Day 7: Enjoy some automatic benefits

Shopify is automatically set up to accept all major payment methods. And, if you’re in the USA, there’s no extra charge for American Express. So, today you can sit back and put your feet up, knowing that it’s easy for customers to pay.

Day 8: Get familiar

Now you’ve got the bare bones in place – that is your products and method of purchase – it’s time to familiarize yourself with the settings that you’ll be working with. Shopify is celebrated for its user-friendly dashboard. Everything you need is on the left-hand side of your screen, including things like Shipping, Payments, Checkout, and Notifications.

Day 9: How is it going to look?

Today’s the day to discover Shopify’s themes. If you’re migrating your site from Magento to Shopify, chances are you’ll want a fresh new look. You’ll want something your customers will love and is easy to navigate. Luckily, Shopify has a plethora of themes to choose from, and all of the themes made by Shopify are free.  

Day 10: Change your mind

So you’ve picked a theme, you’ve slept on it, and now you’re having second thoughts. No dramas. You can change it. Try as many themes as you like. That’s one of Shopify’s benefits; it’s ultimate flexibility.  

Day 11: Integrate some apps

Like many things you’ll find with Shopify, it is choice and flexibility that sets it apart. That’s why so many are migrating from Magento to Shopify. The Shopify App Store has apps for most needs. In fact, there are more than 1,781 apps up for grabs. But don’t worry, there’s also guidance, recommendations and star ratings to help you make a decision.

Day 12: Change your mind on an app

But, again, you can try before you buy. Run an app. See how it works. If it’s a best-fit then pat yourself on the back and if not simply undo it and reset. You can go back and forth in Shopify, trying and testing things out before making any decisions or committing to a purchase.

Day 13: Sound out the support

Shopify offers continued support 24-hours a day, seven days a week. On top of that, they also provide resources, videos and a community to connect with. Alternatively, if you’re feeling like you’d like some input now that your free trial is drawing to its close, it’s worth getting in touch with Shopify experts who can answer some of your store-specific questions.   

Day 14: Decision day

It’s the final day of freedom. Well, not quite freedom. But certainly the last day of your free trial and it’s time to decide whether to make the leap and migrate from Magento to Shopify. Once your 14 days are over the package that you decided at the beginning will kick in. Or, if it’s not for you, close it down and be safe in the knowledge that you gave it go without any expensive overheads.

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