Magento Support


Monthly support for new features, bug fixes and 24/7 emergency support from Certfied Magento Developers. Click here for more information.  

Magento Builds 


Custom design and builds on Magento Community and Enterprise. Magento accelerated build solutions available. Click here for more information.

Marketing Solutions 


Is your business telling a story and connecting with your customers? Through persona development and smart content creation we will drive more sales and keep your happy customers loyal. Click here for more information. 

A Total eCommerce Solution

Orange Collar has helped hundreds of online retailers build eCommerce sites and strategic marketing plans!
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Magento Small Business Solutions

Orange Collar Media is proud to announce our Magento Small Business solution in partnership with Magento. Orange Collar has customized the Magento Community theme with modules and enhancements. Our small business solution will make it possible for small businesses to have a robust flexible platform to grow their online business without breaking the bank. Did we mention the build time is only 8 weeks?

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Marketing Services

Orange Collar Media is a Google Certified Partner as well as a HubSpot Partner. Our marketing strategies include Pay Per Click Managment as well as monthly services covering content creation, blogging, merchandising services and social media management. 

Orange Collar becomes the voice of your brand. We take the time to understand your customer, how they shop and who they are. The customer profiles and professional strategy work together like a well oiled machine allowing us to have the information to focus on publishing the right content int he right place at the right time.  Instead of throwing ads in your customers face, give them interesting content and resources about your product so when they are ready to buy you become the trusted brand to purchase from. 

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Players Clothing was built on Pop Commerce, the accelerated Magento build. As a first time to eCommerce company Players needed a true partner to help set up and manage the store. Orange Collar Media designed the store, imported data, and provides a monthly marketing strategy that has been growing sales month to month! 

Players Clothing Pop Commerce

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Magento Support

As an online retailer you have enough to do without managing updates and minor fixes to your site. Orange Collar Media has been supporting Magento sites and our clients for over five years. Our support plan includes 10 hours per month of development to be used for fixes or adding new features to your site. 

Our support process is seamless. We us a support management tool that allows you to submit tickets and hear back within an hour. We also offer emergency support that will text our developers at any time of the day to assist in an emergency situation. 


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Custom Magento Builds

Orange Collar Media has been designing and building Magento eCommerce sites for over five years. Do you have an RFP or specific build in mind for your eCommerce store? Are you looking to migrate to the newest platform? Are you looking to create a more up to date look and feel? 

No matter what you need, Orange Collar's certified Magento developers and designers can create it!

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Zeal Optics is a small company based in Boulder Colorado. Orange Collar designed and built the site, then became the dedicated IT team through our support program. Orange Collar responds to Zeal 24/7 in emergency situations. We work together as one team, each week by discussing future feature developments and consulting on how to increase sales.

Zeal Optics Magento Support

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